Sunday, February 1, 2009

new york pimp!

oi! i just got back from 15. shouldn't have left early coz that usrah thingy was cancelled and the slot is now filled up with business meeting. yeah the hall is now full with business minded people. my dad and his colleague! blargh!

i met alma, justine, juan, ashrani, melissa and azua. it was nice to catch up. azua, ashrani and melissa left early. so there's the rest of us. that justine is so funny. you're such a gila! 'morrow we go see fish ok? he he.

earlier, i went to carrefour/subang parade with me dad. and ooh, he bought me the 'dangerously in love album'. heh! had lunch at carrefours' food court. hey the place is renovated and it's nice! i like. i shall ajak my friends melepak there.

i really miss tyiara. get your cute butt down here faster a bit can or not? u one more gila!

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