Friday, February 27, 2009

Well, I'm officially sick of life

1. I think I try too hard. Especially with things I know that aren't going to change. For example: I have a friend, who's a great student, she's smart, gets her work done, etc., but she misses a lot of school, for various reasons. Like, if she's sick, obviously, but then there'll be times where she's said she has to run errands, take her dog somewhere, or something else. I don't know, I'm not -mad- but it's like, we don't talk about the issue because she gets mad that I'm being "too controlling" or I shouldn't worry about it. And I know I shouldn't worry about it, but like, I don't know, I guess it just feels like I'm worrying about something that's out of my control. But yeah.

2. Bryce and I are alright. We've been arguing a lot lately, and it's been mostly all my fault, and things I've brought up. It's like, I try -so- hard to get him to talk to me about his feelings, and I know that that's hard for a lot of guys, and he's pretty good about it, but like, it's getting him started, that's slightly frustrating. Like, if something's bothering him, he won't say it directly, he'll just say, "Oh, nothing", even though I know something is. And he'll deny it like crazy, and than that night, or the next day, he'll be the same way, and then he'll say, "Well, earlier tonight", or "Well, yesterday", or something. I don't know. It's not an anger thing, it's just a communications thing. Ya know? I don't know. It's weird. I'm so used to having the feeling of having a boyfriend, and I'm just so afraid to lose it. I mean, there's more than that to lose, obviously, not just the attachment feeling, but yeah.

3. Wendy and I have so much fun together; I just realized that today. I mean, Kelsey and I have fun, she and Kelsey have fun, and Wendy and I have fun. And we all have fun together, it's just an ackward fun. Like, we all have our lil' groups of two (previously mentioned), and so w/in those, we'll have inside jokes. So when we're all together, we're just kind of like, "Wait, who was I with when that happened?!". Ya know? But yeah....I don't know, I just love being around her, (Wendy), because she's so fun. We can talk about a ton of stuff, and it's like, we both have boyfriends and we're both having issues with them (Err....), and so we can talk about it. I mean, we can talk about it with Kelsey too, but Wendy knows specifically, ya know? [[Don't worry, Kel-C! I love you! Huggies!]]. But yeah.

Well, I have homework to do. I have to finish a speech analysis, and an English thing, which I can do later. But I want to take a shower, straighten my hair, and such, and do this before 10! So, I better go. I'll write more tomorrow.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

can you believe this?

Alan Smith, the fairly inconsistent Leeds striker will join Manchester United in a ?7million deal? i'm sure Smith would be a decent goal scorer, but i think Ferguson should spend the money on more world-class strikers, who could support the attack if Van Nistlerooy got injured. oh wait, maybe Ferguson should make a transfer deal with Real Madrid, giving them Van Nistlerooy and in return, get Fernando Morientes and captain Raul. Morientes is the best in-form striker in the moment (hey, Manchester United is the richest club in the world, they should get the best) and Raul had a bad season with the emergence of another world class striker, Ronaldo.
did you guys catch the FA Cup final, Manchester United vs Milwall a few days ago? thank God they showed it live on NTV7. Cristiano Ronaldo proved that ?12.24 million Manchester United spent for him worth every penny. was talking with a friend through e-mail a few days ago, and i believe that, for the moment:

The most influential/inspirational player in the world: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid/France)
The most entertaining to watch: Ronaldinho (Barcelona/Brazil)
The most skillful: Ronaldinho (Barcelona/Brazil)
The best finisher: Thierry Henry (Arsenal/France)
The happiest: Fernando Morientes (Monaco/Spain) after his sweet revenge against club Real Madrid

what do you hardcore soccer fans out there think?

new york pimp!

oi! i just got back from 15. shouldn't have left early coz that usrah thingy was cancelled and the slot is now filled up with business meeting. yeah the hall is now full with business minded people. my dad and his colleague! blargh!

i met alma, justine, juan, ashrani, melissa and azua. it was nice to catch up. azua, ashrani and melissa left early. so there's the rest of us. that justine is so funny. you're such a gila! 'morrow we go see fish ok? he he.

earlier, i went to carrefour/subang parade with me dad. and ooh, he bought me the 'dangerously in love album'. heh! had lunch at carrefours' food court. hey the place is renovated and it's nice! i like. i shall ajak my friends melepak there.

i really miss tyiara. get your cute butt down here faster a bit can or not? u one more gila!