Friday, January 9, 2009

call me stella!

justine and alma, i am so sorry. i know i ffk-ed again! but, i was out the whole day. phone also no credit, how like that. i wanted to call but, how? aiyoh.....*guilt stricken* by the way justine, i got your message. i was hoping you'd call but your credit also nyawa ikan kan? haih!

today was...well, fun. me dad belanja me hair treatment. heh!

i'll be flying off to langkawi tomorrow. hooollliidaaayyyy! but i'll be back here on sunday whilst all my family will still be there. haih! uitm, why no holiday?!?! i wanted to ponteng on monday, but cannot! got 3 hours with professor umbridge and i can't afford to miss her lesson. damn you to the deepest depth of hell pr! maderfucker! by the way, my family will be there till wednesday! WEDNESDAY mannnn!!! how now?

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